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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    happy thanksgiving

    happy thanksgiving
    D. and I have been road tripping across beautiful America we did two days in san fran then two days in Reno and now in Idaho visiting my Mormon sister with her 4 kids. we have been doing really amazing shoots the whole way and i cant wait to post the pictures. especially Reno the theme was sad showgirl in a sad casino.

    open letter to michael pitt

    why oh why did you DJ la boum while i was out of town? how did ana find you my dream boat from the DREAMERS. Michael you will touch the same mixer i will touch, you will lean your crouch against the same dj booth i will lean my crouch against. will you play CAN? will you play Nirvana? I have a poster from  armani exchange with eva green and louis garrel from a cross promotion from the movie, by my computer desk. i gaze up at you and louis garrel. i kindve have a bigger crush louis garrel, hes french, less greasy, and hes french. Also when i was in Paris with Darren. he indulged me and we watch les amants reguliers, in french just to watch sexy louis in black n white. I have no idea what it was about but there was cute girls and making out in 60s dress.  anyways micheal pitt THANK YOU FOR THE DREAMERS I GOT TWO HOT BOYS FANTASIES TO LAST A LIFETIME.


    Plus, Part Time Punks Fest and more
    Published on November 25, 2008 at 6:28pm

    If the success of Juno, Napoleon Dynamite and anything by Judd Apatow is a sign, the line between nerdy and studly is gone, dead, kaput, and it’s not a Jedi mind trick. Even in Hollywood at many of the hippest/flippest clubs in town, fuzzy, gawky types are gettin’ all the attention — and action. Take La Boum, the hot hump-night party at Bardot (the space above The Avalon formerly known as Spider Club, gorgeously redone to recall the building’s Deco splendor). Last Wednesday, the party’s promoter, Ana Calderon (Dim Mak), celebrated her birthday with an impromptu music show on the club’s semi-outdoor patio, featuring the likes of Simon Dawes, Rooney’s Taylor Locke, The White Arrows and, for the grand finale, the Moldy Peaches’ Adam Green and Har Mar Superstar. All were somewhat unruly-tressed, dowdily dressed-down types (one dude wore boxers and had bare feet; another had a flag towel on his head). Still, they had the usually blasé broods grinning and grooving nonstop, even Nightranger. Really, what’s not to like about musicians with real music chops delivering with awkward, gooberish sweetness? (It made Weezer famous, after all.) The gals who took the stage were more traditionally magnetic — vintage-frocked trio The Like and the enchanting doll-like C.C. Sheffield, but in all it was a highly amusing and mixed musical melting pot, not unlike the crowd itself. Behind us sat a healthy looking DJ AM and SBE’s Jennifer Rosero, while to our right, Peaches Geldof giggled and dragged on ciggies with a gaggle of similarly hippie-esque hotties. Newly single Benji Madden tried to keep a low pro with pal Steve Aoki in a corner booth, but he needn’t have worried. Proving our point above, the most wanted man seemed to be Superbad’s Jonah Hill, who was fielding female fans all night. La Boum, also co-promoted by Sheffield and former Viper Room booker Melissa Hernandez, is usually a DJ-only weekly party that’s refreshingly un-electro-driven. (Rock and retro dance faves rule the decks here, and past spinners have included Devendra Banhart and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) You must know the week’s secret password (or, it seems, be a hip boho-hobo type or geek-chicster) to get in.

    Friday, November 21, 2008

    LA BREA +3rd street MURAL by retna

    Ive know retna for about 6 years when i moved to LA i worked for a hip hop clothing label and got to know different graffiti artist, the mac, saber, and more. so my friend cory said the mac and retna was going to do a photoshoot for some walls, i was in my car and at the loft in 20 minutes. we did a fun quick photo shoot and then about a month later on la brea was a big portrait of me in blue. its been up for about two years and i feel honored to be apart of the landscape of L.A. Its important to me to support artist. I like to collaborate and be a muse.
    in the video my mural is the one long and blue and he says "like this piece"

    NME blogs about ANAs Bday party @ la boum

    NME's Laura Ferreiro writes:

    If I were to throw myself a birthday bash on a moment's notice, it would most likely comprise my three besties and me getting sauced on a fine box of red.

    Not so with Dim Mak Records marketing maven Ana Calderon, who broadcast word of her birthday at 10:00am Wednesday and had Adam Green of The Moldy Peaches, Har Mar Superstar and The Like serenading her a mere 12 hours later.

    I suppose it doesn't hurt if you have one of LA's trendiest nightclubs at your disposal. Held at Bardot at the Avalon until the wee hours, La Boum on Ana's birthday saw some pretty strange musical collaborations go down. Adam Green and Har Mar Superstar got very intimate during theirs, as you can see.

    But then model Cory Kennedy decided to butt in.
    Later, Adam serenaded Ana with his original tune, 'The Birthday Mambo'.
    Party co-host CC Sheffield of Le Rev brought along her K9 friend, while The Like girls (who are putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album) performed with each other and later spun off for duets with Taylor Locke of Rooney and Elected bassist Michael Runion.
    A happy and healthy-looking DJ AM stopped by, as did Peaches Geldof, Steve Aoki, Jonah Hill and a wistful Benji Madden.

    Ana, who along with Dim Mak label founder Steve Aoki, has helped bring the likes of Bloc Party, Mystery Jets and Klaxons to this side of the pond, was beaming all night, no doubt relieved that she wouldn't end up with a boxed-wine hangover the next morning.

    Thursday, November 20, 2008


    SO insight is an awesome  
    brand and they are so sweet and ask me to answer some questions for their blog
    i went in to their office after a photoshoot i did that i had crazy make up on. so i took some pics and answers some questions and got a boat load of clothes. like a boat, so many great pieces THANK YOU VANESSA. here is a link to blog 
    NAME: C.C. SHEFFIELD AGE: 103 years old
     WHAT DO YOU DO? MAKE MUSIC Right now finishing my solo record Golden Grime. Belong to La Boum Collective, Djing and hosting poetry club on wed @ Bardot. I love taking pictures with my lieca RS4 In the past Le Revs 2 self released E.P.s, 3 movies, 7 music videos, 104 TV commercials 
    HOW DID THEY COME ABOUT? I worked at a music Venue in AZ the rialto when I was 15. Tucson is the first stop from L.A. so I saw a million shows, roadies, groupies, drunken fans, and magical moments when your body tingles tears are overflowing from a song. I was raised Mormon so I was just suppose to get married. Fast forward… I ran away living in my car in L.A. I was like music is the only truth to me, started my first band Le Rev. I then started “acting” taking the money and making music. Got caught up in Hollywood:<>stopped acting, quit my band, and started writing my solo record last august. So far have recorded in Stockholm with Max Martin(Britney Spears), Berkley, Ca with Jeff Salzman (the killers), Brooklyn and ECHO PARKEY YO!!!!! 

    MUSIC INFLUENCES? Oldies + riotgrrl 90s + surrealists +Charles Burkowski + 7os French new wave films + dudes that fuck me over = My MUSIC CREATIVE INFLUENCES? SEE ABOVE with a dash of Andy Warhol 
    IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL…YOU’D BE? I’d be my 3lb yorkie KIKI owned by my dog kiki as a human C.C. HOW WERE YOU FIRST INTRODUCED TO INSIGHT? My friends in MGMT were wearing it than I randomly was with a my stylist friend Jessica at the insight warehouse. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? SUSHI 
    WORDS TO LIVE BY? Make it Happen SOMETHING YOU’D LIKE TO DIVULGE THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOU… Im in a lawsuit with a girl who pretended to be me. Using my info and pictures on the internet for 3 years. Retribution is a bitch, Bitch !

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    black n white

    D took these pictures the other night. I like the one that is blurry and the swirl is coming out of my mouth like music. lately been working alot -quiksilver summer2009 - nokia campiegn- an insurance commercial - it was  sunset gower studio i saw milo ventimiglia he was cute, but i kept my eyes down kept walking to my set im so done with actors. ALOT OF CASTINGS AND CALLBACKs plus LA boum DJing and singing at la boum tonight.

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Holidaze collection

     this shoot was in May this year i had gotten a little plumper from recording in the Berkley studio, and Erin feeding some yummy treats all the time. but i lost it due to the stress of Internet asshole and Venice beach and sailboat time. um so we have a great new president, my best friend Lisa who is engaged her girlfriend shay is no longer allowed to be married legally in CA. due to my former religions pulling its money together and campaigning   for prop 8. MY BEST FRIEND CANNOT MARRY THE LADY SHE IS IN LOVE WITH?@#@@%$&^*&(*&(
    fuck if she can find someone she is in love with and stay together and be so in love to get engaged, more power to her. I can barely think about marriage, dudes are unpredictable. LISA works for make a wish foundation she sets up dying children with wishes, her girlfriend works a at hospital. These women live generous and beautiful lives that contribute to CA AND THE world. More than some of the spoiled rich kids of Los Angeles that just make "art" and sleep together. NO ON PROP 8 HELP I'M LOSING HOPE FOR THE WORLD LET LOVE LIVE.

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Monday, November 3, 2008


    Unlike the popular belief that its better to be young, i would never want to be a teenager again. I look forward to becoming like one these of ladies epic legendary and aged well like fine wine.
    Ellen von Unwerth (born 1954 in Germany) is a photographer and director, specializing in erotic femininity. She worked as a fashion model for ten years herself before moving behind the camera, and now makes fashion, editorial, and advertising photographs.
    Lauren Hutton (born November 17, 1943, in Charleston, South Carolina) is an American former supermodel[1] and occasional actress. She is best known for her starring roles in the movies American Gigolo and Once Bitten, and also for her fashion modeling career.

    Patricia Lee Smith (born December 30, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter and poet. She was influential in the birth of punk rock with her 1975 debut album Horses. Called "Godmother of Punk"[1], she integrated the beat poetry performance style with three-chord rock.

    Saturday, November 1, 2008


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