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    Friday, February 22, 2008

    I got the JOB Im in Argentina until further notice

    so its not enough that im so blessed to go record with my very talented producer jeff  in san fran. I got a call from John my agent i was on hold for Diet Coke shoots in Argentina. Ok hold means there are other girls like maybe 3 others who will maybe get the job. So tuesday johns says they picked a chick in London so I didnt get it cool. Then Wednesday in the studio i get a call from john im booked, I had to leave that night, so Jeff and me went over what he going to work on while im gone at 6pm a car arrived took me to lisas to pack then to SFO to LA got my passport left 6am LAX to 6hr flight Maimi then 9 hours to Buenos aires. But the thing with commercials or any other SAG job they have to fly you first class. So on the plane to buenos aires it had seat that reclined into beds.....I love first Class. got here and had to go directly to my fitting the costumer is ramone from Spain, so sweet he is so cute i wish i could show you pics but i didnt bring my camera hook up so i cant. Im taking pics with my lieca so there will be some. i have to take a nap i have another fitting at 6pm and then start shooting at 4am tomorrow so im going to sleep a little but feeling really excited by traveling and love love buenos aires always wanted to come here.
    My room and hotel is dope here are some pics, also thats the steam room feels so good and the script for the commercial.

    CLIENT Diet Coke DATE 1/22/08
    TITLE Charmed VERSION NO. 2
    CAMPAIGN Diet Coke Brand JOB NO. DKUUSAQ07003
    CD Brady/Curtis CW Brady AD Jennings PjM Nelsen

    (This spot will be beautifully art directed, giving the real setting—Paris—an even more cinematic
    quality. Think Amelie. The music will be upbeat and fun.)

    We open on a soaked young woman stepping in from a spring rainstorm into a cute little
    European-style café.

    She fumbles for her change purse and pays for a Diet Coke at the counter. She takes a drink
    from the glass bottle and lets out a happy sigh.

    She quickly checks her make-up in a beautiful gold compact. The mirror is slightly cracked.
    Seeing that the rain hasn’t dampened her good looks, she opens up her colorful umbrella indoors
    and steps outside. A fun, carefree music track begins, a musical cue to her shift in mood.

    (This music will also act as a contrast to the paranoid and very un-carefree reactions of those
    who witness her “unlucky” actions.)

    The rain has stopped. She closes her umbrella and notices a beautiful black cat crossing her
    path. She kneels down briefly to pet it. As she does, we notice a passerby go out of her way to
    avoid the cat. Our girl takes another sip of her Diet Coke and continues to glide down the street,
    her cute heels confidently stepping on crack after crack in the sidewalk.

    A moment later, we see her walk happily underneath a ladder that’s holding an old Frenchman
    painting a classic Parisian sign. Sensing someone beneath him, he looks down at her as she
    passes through. As he watches her go down the street, the painter accidentally knocks over his
    paint, splattering an unlucky pedestrian walking by.

    She walks by a beautiful fountain (wishing well) and watches a couple of school-age girls throw
    coins into it.

    She stops at a street corner to take another drink of Diet Coke and decides to turn onto 13th
    Avenue. For the first time, we see that our sweet girl has a coy look on her face—almost as if
    she’s tempting fate to test her resolve.

    A light rainbow appears in the spring sky of Paris. An “unlucky” crow lands on a street lamp.

    (In the end treatment, let’s swap the can with a shot of the liquid in a beautiful bell-shaped glass,
    perhaps with a few animated bubbles coming out of it.)

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Come on there is nothing else thats fun on wed. other than 86

    Thank you to everyone who came last week, I know I had Fun, I hope you
    did too. So I wanted to invite you to come have fun, and hang out
    again. Theres a french house band and then DJs to shake your booties
    to.I will not be attending this week Im currently recording in

    WEDNESDAY FEB. 20th 10pm-2am 6533 Hollywood Blvd.
    special guests DJs

    Arrive early for dinner.Fine dining and Live French Band.
    For Reservations Call 323-871-8653

    1st day of recording in berkeley

    This is a photograph by Graciela Iturbide called angel woman,sonora desert, mexico...1979.
    i feel like this picture, a lone lady, disembarking on a long journey of the unknown. Notice the boombox and the tradional dress, new technology and respect for tradition. I am in the studio with Jeff Salzman he produced the killers and the sounds and le rev. Now just me ....solo in the desert of music, recording the experiences giving all my thoughts with no flters. It was a nice day took the bart from 26th st. and mission to the north berkeley station walked 7 blocks to hearst st. the studio is called "the hearst" jefff says it will drive him to the grave. Marcos is our engineer/musician he from mexico city, nice guy. We sat down listen to the three demos i wrote with him last august. showed him the demos of songs from the last couple months. there was a song i started with him in august i had forgotten about its really serious sound...we are talking of having some gospel singers on this track. YAY.... UMMM SO im so sore from snowboarding the first time in tahoe this weekend so fun ill post pics, drove into SF from tahoe this afternoon took a shower... talked to my sister Pam my 13 yr old niece Callie has a cellphone and wants to text me...communication through text messages is exciting i feel so busy i feel like i cant actually talk to anyone, texting is good. Tomorrow morning find out if i get a commercial that shoots in Argentina that i have to fly out wed....Wish me luck... YAY.
    by the way this picture and the exhibition of Graciela is still on display at the GEtty in L.A.

    Thursday, February 14, 2008


    fANTASTIC MAGAZINE is on line magazine that my photographer friend Curran did a photo project involving Los Angeles based female singer. I was on the"cover" but computers dont have covers so it an online cover. its cool there is inset video intreview if you click this link
    you too can watch me talk through my nose. I once had an acting teacher say i didnt have leading ladies voice, whatever that means. UMM this first picture i look like a "disabled person" running at the camera... Enjoy

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    Better Homes for the Apocalypse

    im always worried about the apocalypse. im glade someone has thought of housing solutions for the apocalypse.

    What if a Category 3 hurricane struck New York City, ravaging much of its 578 miles of coastline and leaving hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers at least temporarily homeless? This is not just a scenario from yet another disaster movie. The city’s Office of Emergency Management, with support from nonprofit groups, sponsored a $100,000 open design competition “to generate solutions for post-disaster provisional housing.”

    The name of the competition — “What If New York City…” — evokes the doom-and-destruction theme that seems to be running through popular culture. The premise of the competition, announced last September, is far more practical. Designers were asked to consider a “fictional but realistic New York City neighborhood” — Prospect Shore — were devastated by a hurricane, leaving 38,000 families without housing. Could effective designs be used to provide safe, comfortable living space for displaced people in a hurry? Could such shelter be cheap, environmentally responsible and reusable in other settings, including future emergencies?

    Architects, industrial designers, engineers, inventors and students from 30 countries submitted 117 submissions, and in a 20-page report [pdf] released today, the jury competition announced 10 winners and 10 honorable mentions in the competition. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Joseph F. Bruno, commissioner of emergency management, announced the winners — who will each receive $10,000 — at a news conference in Brooklyn.

    Some of the designs seemed, to us, rather, uh, optimistic, given the scope of the calamity suggested by the design rules. A sampling of the winners and their proposed designs:

    Matthew Francke of Boston: Mobile Emergency Relief Ports, or Merps, movable vessels supporting 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom and 1,300-square-foot two-bedroom apartment units resting on a steel skeleton. The apartments would include “ample closet space, stainless appliances and natural stone countertops.” (Hey, why wait for the hurricane? Lots of people could use these apartments right now.)
    David Hill of Raleigh, N.C.: Treading Water. Housing units would be placed atop floating barges, allowing for debris removal and gradual restoration of the ravaged coastline. The units would be made of fiberglass panels, with photovoltaic cells to provide energy. Hydroturbine grids would provide a permanent power source, while the barges would eventually acceleration the natural restoration of the estuary.
    James Vira of Manhattan: Rapid Deployable Inflatable Containers. The size of shipping containers, these inflatable structures could be easily moved by flatbed trucks, hoisted by cranes and stacked on top of each other to create apartment-block-like complexes. Multiple containers would make up an “agglomerated living unit” that would allow horizontal and vertical movement from one container to another.
    Carsten Laursen of Copenhagen: Assuming the “collapse of urban structure” and the leveling of entire areas, easy-to-assemble hexagonal housing units could be the basis of a new urban grid, transcending the traditional street grid of long thin blocks. “The convergence of multiple uses creates a vibrant and dynamic urban space that underlines the importance of bringing people together in a crucial time in their lives,” Mr. Laursen wrote.
    The jury evaluating the submissions comprised seven members: David J. Burney, the city’s commissioner of design and construction, who was the jury’s chairman; Mr. Bruno; Paul Freitag, development studio director and senior project manager at the Jonathan Rose Companies; Mary Miss, an artist; Guy J. P. Nordenson, a structural engineer and Princeton professor; Enrique Norten, architect; Richard Plunz, professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; and a facilitator, Lance Jay Brown, an architecture professor at the City College of New York. The competition received financing from the Rockefeller Foundation and help from Architecture for Humanity-New York, a group of design professionals who encourage social responsibility.

    Inspiring or depressing? Realistic or fanciful? These designs are going to be studied as part of the city’s emergency preparedness plans; if catastrophe strikes, you just might see a Rapid Deployable Inflatable Container floating up the Hudson or East River to the rescue.

    PASSWORD at the door is "CELLAR"

    Sunday, February 3, 2008

    im on the radio indie 103.1 @7pm mon feb 4

    please listen to me on indie 103.1 on monday night 7-10pm its a show called feel my heat, brent bolthouse they will be intreviewing me and ill play two songs live on the radio. if your aint into radio or out of range you can listen on the internet at and you can listen through the internet. i am going to be on in the first half the show so tune in 7pm. xo c.c.


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