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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    the white trash charms show

    i decide to wear sunglasses

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    advertising myself is funny yes that dumb pop up is me

    oh my goodness
    where do i start ill start where i can remember
    i was very worried about mick who got in a car accident but he is ok he is very lucky, be safe driving people
    i was having a wierd fantasy about a jim morrsion look a like in luarel cyn. like in a tree house it was very nice
    i sat in front of mike d of the beastie boys on the plane to NYC he was flying regular class with his beauitful blonde wife and little blondey kids who were three yrs old and scream DAD when do we get there!!!!!!!
    i arrived and stayed at the QT hotel i found paigey and we got ready...we had dinner at the bar at this resturant near the hotel i said no drinks, but the bartender just was giving us free shots...a few shots later and we were off to the HOT HOT heat tour bus where her lovely bf LUKEY PUKEY was hanging on the bus... with rowdy girls from ireland...the bus crusied to the supposed after party i dont know where they took us but it was a totally a football party so luke, paige, joey, and i taxied it to the hotel it had a sauna, pool, and steam room yeah yeah. the sauna was more heated to a desert night temp not like i feel asleep...i was awoken but a drunk birthday girl making sure i was alive...i crawled up to the room ..paige and luke left to the bus.
    paige and me slept in til 3pm which noon west coast, went somewhere for lunch and crawled back to the hotel watched reality tv and chilled i have a little sore throat and dont want to make it worst i know this is going to be a nuts week might as well start slow right. oh and paige lost her wallet,

    Monday, October 8, 2007

    DETOUR Fest Spaceland show and sleeping has been good

    I ve been sleeping alot and practicing.SO here is some pics of detour fest. i was there literally for 1hr 1/2, eugene from autolux is a friend and was playing detour. in the cobrasnake pic im covering his face he refuses to be shot by mark, hes is a friend, but not everyone is an attention whore, like me and sam spiegal "dj squeak e clean." we were hanging out sidestage for justice. I then went to spaceland to play Le REv show. It was fun the homies like scenestar oscar and jen. renard gar took the pic on the bottom, i was in a mood that was crazy so the show was fiesty.

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    HAWAII, i always get the middle seat on the plane

    Donnas lovely boobs

    THIS morning i was in a taxi and then the middle seat on the plane, the flight was fine. watching a little beatles doc. mick ill give you back all the dvds you lent me when i am finished its called borrowing. the hotel is nice. i went to a fitting, the other girl is named donna, she is really hot and has huge natural boobs. im jealous although, ive never really wanted boobs my entire life alot of girls go through a phase where they want implants. its funny alot of girls, i know who are religious wont have sex but got implants. weird... i had dinner with my modeling agent who is in hawaii, she is going through an emotional time....had a sobering, life examination dinner. i've know her for years and her son was murdered earlier this year. this was the first time i had seen or talk to her. when i heard what happened i keep procrastinating sending my condolences, for months. my booker told me get in touch with her she ask about you. i feel like when something huge and so sad happens i have a hardtime knowing what to say and i dont want to be one of the masses who are giving the "I'M SO SORRy". instead i just froze up, but tonight i feel like it doesnt matter that i didnt contact her, it matters that when i did see her tonight we connected reminded each other of our love for on other. she is such a strong women, and her agency is still striving forward. she talked about a dream that she was dying of an acute illness i anaylzed it and got the root of the dream. the illness was a broken heart...everyones number one fear is a broken heart.

    Less than Zero photo shoot sunday

    jamie gertz "blair"

    Shot with ruby pictured above, in a "less than zero" shoot that will appear in C magazine. Jamie Gretz, who orginally played blair also was there, for a shot. she is hot for an older lady bravo. it was totally eighties wasnt really so keen on my outfit but as a model you have no control...although there was a blonde girl on the shoot who tried to tell the stylist what she was wearing then he told her when she was famous she could pick what she wanted, she than informed him that she was famous in Paris and that it was so annoying in L.A.. no one knows who she is. no one knows who she is...i walk away, put the clothes on and shut up its a job. trevor "skeet skeet" showed up when i was leaving for band practice, I hand off the new LE REV EP. it felt good to finally have a soild cd to give to people.


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