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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    hello EGYPT the second year in a row

    Egyptian mafia Sherry K

    Im a lucky girl and got casted for European Panasonic "luminx" camera commercial that will go on before movies in Europe. hence the adventure began with a 20 hr ride to Cairo 2 days there then Luxor which is where Karnak and the Valley of the kings and Queens are located. I had a day to hang with my love D who came along for a ride, while the male actor nathan did the print campaign. Then we shot the commercial for 2 days from dusk to dark. then back to Cairo where we hung till monday D had to go back to the USA, so me nathan proceeded to press forward to sherm on the coast of the red sea and to Dehab the wild east of Egypt. But we stumbled into a club there and the Dj played "escape me" which sent my heart into a dizzy all the way out here they could hear me singing about getting drunk n mad. Oh its a big world, I went snorkeling in the red sea and we climbed to the top of mt Sinai. I love some desert adventures.
    EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.

    EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.
    EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.
    EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.EGYPT 2010 BY D.A.


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