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    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Face HUnter found me

    So Miss I.O. Echo said C.C. come to dinner meet my friend Yvan, the facehunter Dude is  a street photographer  not un like the sartorialist, which i had an encounter with last summer. Yvan is much younger and way funner and funnier, he's swiss, he lives in london. He met me at my house and i said i had made a new outfit he was hesitant but once i put it on he loved it. my handy work, had paid off. I took a american apperal jumper and glue gunned for 3 hours rows of fringe for a new stage outfit, that i havent played a show yet in. 

    I attended the street dreams premiere at new port film fest

    So I walked the red carpet and hung with all the boys from the movie , it was the first movie in the film fest history to sellout.
    street dreams is premiering june 8 at mann chinese theatre hollywood where there are all the stars hand and foot prints.
    also i m appearing on MTV2 take over with rob dryek and all the skaters pushing the film.
    . we did a photoshoot for YRB im including some of the behind the scenes shots. xo c.c.

    yrb shoot for "street dreams" movie

    yrb shoot for "street dreams" movie
    yrb shoot for "street dreams" movieyrb shoot for "street dreams" movie

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    thanks casey for letting me stay at your 7 story walk-up

    i dont want a girlfriend
    i dont want a girlfriend
    quiksilver party i dj'd
    quiksilver store opening light speed champion and soko
    denise cooks you know
    denise made me food we were hungover after SNL party saturday night
    coffee with kitty choas her cat bit me
    afro bot   yep
    afro bot is in NYC recording with the beastie boys
    leah knows all at glassland
    leah was telling me the future
    the box, tissue dancer
    i went to the TOP SHOP party at the box, j. lo, debbie harry, kate moss and more enjoyed the show
    rachel sheedy, this is my agent
    rachel sheedy is my film agent at don buchwald and asst.
    adele sang at the top shop party
    lissy trullie video shoot i was walking in brooklyn and came upon hyped up lissy trullie they were telling me NO PHOTOS i said get over yourself

    the first le revue went well come next thursday 7-10pm

    Monday, April 6, 2009


    see pg 38

    THIS IS THE PHOTO OF JI JI KATE it was the first shot of the roll she was looking into the book shelf and she ask if i was taking her photo, i said not yet, right before she took her shirt off
    guest edited -----king britt 


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