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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Sandy rodriguez called me she said that she saw the video just play

    Escape Me, is on rotation on MTV3

    Oh my goodness
    Sandy rodriguez called me she said that she saw the video just play, on MTV3 like a regular video in rotation, it permiered last night on indie 101 but i wasnt sure if they were going to play it for real. What THIS IS CRAZY I spent my money, directed the video, used all my friends, now millions of people are watching me make out with my friends on my paisley COUCH ....that i got from san vancient de paul the best thrift store in the world a few years ago. if you dont know where it is, than forget i even said anything. I hope it translates to something tangible like people listening to my music but since thier watching the video and it my music thier listening to it. my mind is bending right now. I've been playing in bars for years, all this means is i appraciate all the good things lining up.

    Check out C california style in the grocery line

    I added my own commentary to the spread

    Shot with ruby pictured above, in a "less than zero" shoot that will appear in C magazine. Jamie Gretz, who orginally played blair also was there, for a shot. she is hot for an older lady bravo. it was totally eighties wasnt really so keen on my outfit but as a model you have no control...although there was a blonde girl on the shoot who tried to tell the stylist what she was wearing then he told her when she was famous she could pick what she wanted, she than informed him that she was famous in Paris and that it was so annoying in L.A.. no one knows who she is. no one knows who she is...i walk away, put the clothes on and shut up its a job. trevor "skeet skeet" showed up when i was leaving for band practice.

    I worked with the photographer Dewey Nicks who shot this spread, before on a campeign that was my first Billboard in NYC on madison ave.

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    "Visionary" Le Rev OK, ill take the compliment

    So this is Very cool Quicksliver is holding a contestant to have people work together in space in Echo Park, my home truff....Its only for ladies 21-30 yrs old to you know give love and support to artist like sponsered athletes but Sponsered artist who are ladies reminds me of.... LADY FEST riot grrl ....kind've intiative.

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    This my bands bio I never had a bio before I wanted to share it

    Le Rev

    “Tales of Runnning Away”

    It’s no coincidence that Le Rev is a Los Angeles band. With its theatrical lyrics and guttural guitar riffs, Le Rev dances a fine line between Hollywood histrionics and indie eastside aesthetics. As lead singer, C.C. Sheffield can downshift from whisper to scream in a drumbeat, alternately channeling personas as varied as a French chanteuse, larger-than-life diva and little girl lost to belt out emotionally-charged stories over Nico Chiotellis’s anthemic/angular guitar work. Equal parts heartbreak and pop hooks, Lev Rev’s studio debut “Tales of Running Away,” is a bloody valentine with introspective lovelorn lyrics pitted against a blaring sonic soundscape.

    Le Rev is the brainchild of vocalist C.C. Sheffield and guitarist Nico
    Chiotellis, who penned all the songs together and coined a unique sound that’s been described as Blondie meets Blonde Redhead. The band recently locked up for ten days at “The Hearse” in Northern California with producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Sounds, Fisherspooner) to capture their definitive recording, “Tales of Running Away.”

    The album’s a scrapbook culmination of the four years since Sheffield and Chiotellis started collaborating. As Sheffield explains “I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and worked at a music venue so I was always involved in music but I never had a band because I was raised super religious and girls were supposed to just get married. I ran away at 17 and I moved to L.A. when I was 18 living in a hostel, then in my van in Echo Park. Nico met me when I first got my apartment in Echo Park”. As
    Chiotellis explains “ Shortly after I moved to LA I was at a bar and this crazy girl runs up and up pulls me from the booth to the dancefloor, then disappears. Four months later we met again and wrote 3 songs. A few days after that we saw a painting named Le Rev. There was never a question.”

    The two began playing raw acoustic shows at open mike nights around the Los Angeles and were quickly recruited to be something of a house band for the Standard Hotel. With their sound expanding to include Mick Becker on keyboards and Jaime Vavra on drums, Le Rev became a staple on the city’s music scene, playing venues like Spaceland, The Viper Room and Dim Mak’s Cinespace Tuesdays and garnering a notorious reputation for shows as high-energy as they were unpredictable.

    Tales of Running Away serves not only as a history book of the band but the promise of what the band has in store for its fans.

    declare War on NEW JERSEY SAYs MIC BECKER


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