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    Saturday, August 29, 2009

    SurfAid Art Show/ Silent Auction

    september 12th
    SurfAid Art Show/Silent Auction
    Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell
    san clemente, CA
    After the Hurley/Boost Mobile Pro @Trestles

    Theses are some of the images Im donating that will be available at the auction
    ying  yang dip 16x24
    ying yang drowning 16x24
    colors canyon animal #1 16x24

    color canyon animal #2 16x24

    washed up yuppie 16x24
    blind legs 20x30

    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    montreal QB_ lost in translation_ quebec style

    i hung out for 2.5 days by myself in Montreal no phone... internet in the hotel lobby... i took pictures, went to value village and got 9 pieces of clothes for $65 including 2 Nicole miller dresses, and 1 hat. I memorized lines for an audition "rushlight", joggers kept thinking i was talking to them as i was muttering to myself about finding my roommate died with a needle in her arm. ha ha ha... while i climbed around mount royal park one of Montreal's largest greenspaces. The park, most of which is wooded, was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York's Central Park, and inaugurated in 1876.

    moment factory, montreal CA
    moment factory, montreal CA

    montreal canada

    after friday night i flew in to canada saturday night at 3am and got up to shoot at 6:30 am. such is life. It was so fun and i met so many great people. joy from buenos aires, i said do you know laures the make up artist on my job in buenos aires. she said every job she worked laures of witches inc. was the make up artist. then shakir was the stylist on the job and he was south african and i said do u know jesse this director i know from south africa. he said he was on of his oldest friends, and had styled his last film. the world is shrinking. here are some pictures from the shoot.

    photo show

    click to enlarge and see some of the faces that showed up
    because we can group photo show
    kiki was there 
    because we can group photo show
    this is the photo i showed
    because we can group photo show
    this is darrens piece i looove it is a cigarette machine that is to scale placed as if it was there

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    le revue WEEK 3 be there or square

    Le Rev revue thursdays- august
    this weeks line up
    KENAAN BELL JUST BACK FROM DE LA SOUL TOUR 1st aucostic performance xo im tired from montreal ill post that stuff soon. i have auditions and this show tomorrow!!!! d is laying here like hi pay attention to me!


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