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    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    tonight can you come out?



    Join us tonight.


    Hudson and Hollywood in the basement of the Hillview Apts.

    Band playing 3 sets. Mother of Pearl Accordian.

    Dinner is available till 11:00
    Call - 323-871-8634 for reservations

    Mic / CC / Ana DJ sets

    Doll yourself up and come on out.


    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    DJing Club 86 tomorrow

    Melissa,Ana and myself are hosting a very special night at a super secret club tomorrow. The bar was once run as a speak easy by famous film legend Rudolf Valentino. It's been locked up all these years and we're opening it up to our friends to come enjoy some good times. I would really appreciate all the good friends, new friends and supporters to be there. Also, if you're going to Steve's album release party at the Roxy come by 86 after.
    I dj around 10pm and then have to run down to San diego for ASR

    see you tomorrow!

    nancy my sisters third child hello world sage's a wild girl

    Here are some pictures of Sage Melin Holbrook. She was born on December 16, 2007. She weighed 7lbs 12 oz. And was 20 inches long. wooooohooooo, this is number 10 of niece and nephews. Shes a beauty. I cant wait to meet her. she lives in idaho but i think my sister nancy is moving to hawaii, so maybe ill meet her there.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    berkeley, ca with Erin

    Erin is a dress designer but also an amazing cook she kiddnapped me with her scones, and there was a tarot reading as well.

    lisa is my best friend since i was 10 yrs old

    this is Lisa and her girlfriend shay, I went to visit them in sf this weekend, in the mission.

    amazing Race me and nico ummm contestants, i dont do contestants, or what do you think?

    Hey I just read an article in Nylon about your band and I found your story really cool and interesting. I work for CBS' the Amazing Race and I think you guys would be great as contestants. Don't know if this is your thing, but let me know if you have any interest. My number is. Thanks for your time.


    new years 2008

    eve in the rear view mirror of livings thing van taking us into our wierd adventure of New Years Eve.
    Teddys david heath let us in to teddys just as some other people were told that if they had a grand in cash they would be let in to teddys 10 mins before midnight. we went to kelly osbournes with friends dancing and listening to elastica.then to marilyn mansons manager, met even wood told her i had looked at polaroids of her for a year cause my rehersal space is decorated with heart shaped glasses video polaroids she was nice happy new year!!!l late!!!!

    hollywood nights thursdays!!!! Pash !!! trying to stay out of the clubs but one night out a week

    here are my friends

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Street Dreams Screening on a wintery rainy night

    hopfully the movie will be out this summer.Watching yourself on film is wierd, I mean its a good movie. I feel like its not natural to watch yourself, kiss and flirt. but it was great to see friends from last summer.

    Paul rodriguez jr. pro skater, rainbow, me, Terry kennedy, people

    Chad and betsy fils casted me for this project let me just say thanks again and again etc.

    rob dyrdek drama neno

    Neno "writer" and director chris Z give me happy days greeting

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    i took the test...vivlish

    You are The Star

    Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

    The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

    The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

    What Tarot Card are You?
    Take the Test to Find Out.


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