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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Check out C california style in the grocery line

    I added my own commentary to the spread

    Shot with ruby pictured above, in a "less than zero" shoot that will appear in C magazine. Jamie Gretz, who orginally played blair also was there, for a shot. she is hot for an older lady bravo. it was totally eighties wasnt really so keen on my outfit but as a model you have no control...although there was a blonde girl on the shoot who tried to tell the stylist what she was wearing then he told her when she was famous she could pick what she wanted, she than informed him that she was famous in Paris and that it was so annoying in L.A.. no one knows who she is. no one knows who she is...i walk away, put the clothes on and shut up its a job. trevor "skeet skeet" showed up when i was leaving for band practice.

    I worked with the photographer Dewey Nicks who shot this spread, before on a campeign that was my first Billboard in NYC on madison ave.


    dewey said...

    working with c.c. on the less than zero shoot was a pleasure. imaginative and creative as a model and collaborator. she didn't have a problem telling us she didn't like the clothes so we asked her to change in to something she thought was better. both outfits are in the final spread.

    C.C. said...

    if this dewey nicks thanks for the compliants. how random you found my blog. hire me again i'm blonde. ha ha your kids were cute

    Viviene said...

    wow homegirl was lipping off to dewey nicks? pretty rich of her. btw, its jamie GERTZ not GRETZ- love love love her.


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