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    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    HAWAII, i always get the middle seat on the plane

    Donnas lovely boobs

    THIS morning i was in a taxi and then the middle seat on the plane, the flight was fine. watching a little beatles doc. mick ill give you back all the dvds you lent me when i am finished its called borrowing. the hotel is nice. i went to a fitting, the other girl is named donna, she is really hot and has huge natural boobs. im jealous although, ive never really wanted boobs my entire life alot of girls go through a phase where they want implants. its funny alot of girls, i know who are religious wont have sex but got implants. weird... i had dinner with my modeling agent who is in hawaii, she is going through an emotional time....had a sobering, life examination dinner. i've know her for years and her son was murdered earlier this year. this was the first time i had seen or talk to her. when i heard what happened i keep procrastinating sending my condolences, for months. my booker told me get in touch with her she ask about you. i feel like when something huge and so sad happens i have a hardtime knowing what to say and i dont want to be one of the masses who are giving the "I'M SO SORRy". instead i just froze up, but tonight i feel like it doesnt matter that i didnt contact her, it matters that when i did see her tonight we connected reminded each other of our love for on other. she is such a strong women, and her agency is still striving forward. she talked about a dream that she was dying of an acute illness i anaylzed it and got the root of the dream. the illness was a broken heart...everyones number one fear is a broken heart.

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