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    Monday, October 8, 2007

    DETOUR Fest Spaceland show and sleeping has been good

    I ve been sleeping alot and practicing.SO here is some pics of detour fest. i was there literally for 1hr 1/2, eugene from autolux is a friend and was playing detour. in the cobrasnake pic im covering his face he refuses to be shot by mark, hes is a friend, but not everyone is an attention whore, like me and sam spiegal "dj squeak e clean." we were hanging out sidestage for justice. I then went to spaceland to play Le REv show. It was fun the homies like scenestar oscar and jen. renard gar took the pic on the bottom, i was in a mood that was crazy so the show was fiesty.

    1 comment:

    Oscar said...

    I was at both! You were great C.C. Always good times =)


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