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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    open letter to michael pitt

    why oh why did you DJ la boum while i was out of town? how did ana find you my dream boat from the DREAMERS. Michael you will touch the same mixer i will touch, you will lean your crouch against the same dj booth i will lean my crouch against. will you play CAN? will you play Nirvana? I have a poster from  armani exchange with eva green and louis garrel from a cross promotion from the movie, by my computer desk. i gaze up at you and louis garrel. i kindve have a bigger crush louis garrel, hes french, less greasy, and hes french. Also when i was in Paris with Darren. he indulged me and we watch les amants reguliers, in french just to watch sexy louis in black n white. I have no idea what it was about but there was cute girls and making out in 60s dress.  anyways micheal pitt THANK YOU FOR THE DREAMERS I GOT TWO HOT BOYS FANTASIES TO LAST A LIFETIME.

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