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    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    "Bizarrely titled album" a review of le rev

    by Tegan-18, 1 February 2008

    I have a guilty pleasure, who doesn’t? And this pleasure is quite particular: I have a bit of an addiction to finding new bands with a really cool sound. There is nothing more amazing to find an artist from your hometown or beyond with work so good you wonder why they aren’t more famous. What’s more, you end up sounding like a clued up music connoisseur around friends who are yet to discover the awesomeness of the bands you are covetously listening to. I generally have a soft spot for alternative/rock musicians but here I have shared my new favourites and finds. For people hoping to look up new acts, I highly recommend the website which showcases the talents of signed and unsigned artists, one of the first places to look at for bands just starting to break out.
    Le Rev- LA band Le Rev fronted by C.C Sheffield - model and muse to LA’s street art scene - channel PJ Harvey with floaty, atmospheric vocals and hammering guitar. As their name suggests, these psychedelic pop-rock beats are there for the purpose of pumping through the stereo. Their EP album, “Tales of Running Away” sounds, according to them like “a love letter… a bullet from a f------ gun!”. Maybe this is a little hard for the casual listener to soak up; but there are some catchy songs worthy of mention: the theatrical grinding ‘Je t’aime’ is not as the name suggests; the first track ‘Escape Me’ sums up the bizarrely titled album.

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