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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    "Street Dreams" the movie is coming out i swear i love Rob Dyrek

    Today I woke up, got a huge wood crate from fedex and checked my email and i had missed an Email from my modeling agent to go to a Casting for Guess to be a model for thier campaign which is a big deal so i jumped out of bed mapquested the location, and got my shit together.

    i go to this big building downtown its a huge shipping facility for guess. the photographer was nice there was no wait.... so i was a head of schedule. i headed to the valley to do ADR, for "Street Dreams" this movie i shot over a year ago, which means whatever line the sound didnt catch you have to over dub. i got to the recording studio early and had lunch. i was excited to see Chris Z the director and Adam Wylie he plays mikey. Chris was a little stand offish since i had accidently put a scene for street dreams that was on my acting reel on the internet. he said it had all these skater boards buzzing about paul rodriguez and ryan s. but i thought no one would find my acting reel and know that those scenes were for street dreams.... i always under estimate the internet. ANyways i did my dubs, and waited to see Rob DRydek he is so funny and nice and inspiring he is always doing something huge and exciting, always high stakes. high stakes people are my people. The editor of the film was like have you seen robs alt-ego BOBBY LIGHT video ... i've posted it, its so funny. Rob said helllo but i had to go. i cleaned my apt. nina came over kept me company then paige came over, unpacking is a bitch.... oh and this morning i got my painting from venice from BOBO hes famous in venice, italy its an oil painting of ezra pound in front of the canals in venice. it looks amazing above my bed.. i got a text from rob he said" he heard i quite acting".. i texted back how could i top street dreams? ACTING MUSIC ART ITS ALL JUST expressing yourself, thats all i want to do by any means necessary!!!!!!


    Oscar said...

    You had quite a day C.C.! I'm glad you're keeping busy. Thanks for the update! =)

    Oscar said...

    Wiat, did my last comment go up? Either way, keep up the good work C.C. Sheffield. I can't wait till the album release gig the 29th!


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