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    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    sunday editing video

    i edited my new music video with Darren, at his house he is really talented he edits reality tv "the beachlor" and at mtv for "runs house". he has to watch all footage he says that the producers for the bachelor prode the contastant girls when thier drunk and tired and make them cry over the bachelor if i was on the that show. i feel like i would freak out, like start crying uncontrolable if the bachelor kept kissing all the other girls or i didnt get the date. i dont deal with competing with men well. so editing is fun, its like working with pro-tools with music but final cut is with images.

    I went to the grocery store and bought tomatoes with mozeralla cheese and red bulls. since darren is being nice and editing for me i like making him food. i havent been driving my car cause i have a lot of parking tickets,like hundreds of dollars and ever since europe i like walking and getting rides.

    Nico picked me up and we had practice, with jaime my drummer we still dont have a bass player dave our original bass player, is gettting married. we still are auditioning bass players. so a really raw practice, as a 3 piece. we have a cd release party at standard downtown on sept. 29 .but at the standard sunset on sunset we are playing with whitey and har mar superstar. im going to do a cover of your so vain by carly simone. im excited.


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