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    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    CANNES -FRANCE -2010

    hello homies,
    As some of u know Im attending the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in support of my film "The Killers." So yesterday my music booking agent and I were the grand prix in Monaco, then the director of the film said if you wanna do press get here by 6pm. So 1 taxi ride and rushing through only make-up provided by the l'oreal at the Martinez hotel, and directly into a festival car and onto the carpet. My co-star Said Taghmaoui is a very well know French Actor currently filming Conan in Bulgari, is really loved here in Cannes. So this morning I was happy to see that in Gala magazine theres a plug for our film and my friend brian lichtenberg the designer of my dress. Said's agent also said Italian Vogue was picking up the pictures. The film is being received well at the Cannes short film corner and is in the 80% of viewing. Afterwards I was booked to sing my tracks at a collective film investment company "Green Nefertiti" party, Michelle Rodriguez was on hand Djing the tracks while sang.

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