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    Friday, September 21, 2007

    this was a shot in knotting hill, london by ellie

    Ive been lazier... i was doing so good waking up early. i didnt have any castings yesterday or today. I went over to Nicos apt and worked on the Le Rev Myspace. I Uploaded all my trip photos to Flickr.... Paige called she was with Juan and said we're going to a bar. I said lets go to your house and do something creative instead. im just sick of LA. bullshiting...talking...I am doing this or that...but all the people who are out are doing is getting fucked up. nothing wrong with getting fucked up just constantly is called excess in hollywood it is hard to avoid. So we went to Paige's, learned a bob dylan tune. I slept over at paiges ...woke up got coffee ran into david schnieder hollywood promoter, friend. Recorded all day with julian (Whitey) a dance version of one my favorite rare david bowie song, IN THE HEAT OF THE MORNING...Baby Rosa is going to spend the night tonight. may get into trouble tonight havent been out in LA for a while except little joy....

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