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    Wednesday, May 5, 2010


    CC Sheffield - How many times? from The Facehunter Show on Vimeo.


    Anonymous said...

    Hey! First, of course you look amazing but this is'nt the most important part ('cause you know it).
    I'm in love with your voice & loved tales of running away as well as escape me and lust for life. I wanna know when golden grime will be out (finally!) ??

    Kisses, expecting your answer honey ;-)

    C.C. said...

    ok Golden Grime
    ummmm i was going to release it all as a 4 song EP
    I recorded and mixed and master the songs
    then the due date for digital retailers and I hadnt decided on the cover
    so i decided to release the songs as singles
    with different covers
    im still recording lots of new stuff and will be sharing it with u soon. Im gonna release singles off my label whenever i feel like it im the boss.

    Anonymous said...

    Great, can't wait !
    It's cool to see you're available for the fans!
    Oh, I almost forgot, where's the video for "U just wanna" ? I saw the pics of the shooting but no video?
    I listened to this song on facebook and it's just awesome!


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