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    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    some press from true blood

    On the True Blood Set with C.C. Sheffield and Ryan Kwanten
    By Tincar on February 9th, 2010| 4 Comments »

    C.C. Sheffield ~ Missy in Season 3

    A couple weeks ago, casting was announced that C.C. Sheffield was selected to play the part of Missy in Season 3, episode one – “Pack of Wolves.” We had a chance to catch up with CC and here she is, on the set.

    TB-N: How does it feel to be a part of True Blood?

    CCS: I feel very excited I’m huge fan of Alan Ball, and all his work. So I was honored as an actress to work on a show that has top notch quality writing, and acting. Oh and hot hot guys.

    TB-N: We hear the cast and the set is a great place to be. Have you had any funny moments yet?

    CCS: The cast is so welcoming and very professional. After my episode’s table read the director introduced me to Ryan Kwanten; to break the ice, I said, “So I’m gonna be ******* you,” and he laughed. The director assured me that every shot is planned and it will be fun. I was very impressed by Jim Parrack he is a great actor, he studies at Playhouse West, he puts up plays every year on his own dime. I was bemoaning theater in Los Angeles, and it was inspiring to talk to actors who are self motivated in their commitment to the craft.
    TB-N: Do you have any other projects in the works or are you focusing on True Blood?

    CCS: This year is exciting; I have a single I wrote called “Escape Me” on Tiesto’s new album “Kalidescope.” He will be performing Coachella and I will hopefully be joining him. My own solo record, “Golden Grime” will be digitally released in March. As far as on the sliver screen, I have bit part in Sofia Coppola’s movie “Somewhere” coming out this summer. Also [I'll be in] “Street Dreams,” Rob Drydek’s skate movie. I was the female lead alongside all-pro skaters Paul Rodriguez Jr. and Ryan Sheckler; that DVD is going to be released this year.

    CC and Ryan ~ On the set

    TB-N: I see you are filming with Ryan; how has that experience been? Ryan is known for getting naked – are you following his lead? :)

    CCS: Yes of course. I’m into nudity.

    TB-N: Without giving anything away, can you tell us what’s in store for the fans in season 3?
    Lots of action and flesh.

    Here are some photos from the set. We might guess what Jason Stackhouse is doing with two beautiful women in robes but what I want to know, is how the prop lamp is going to meet its demise? If you notice the lamp says “break away.” This means it’s a stunt lamp; you can get smacked in the head with it and it won’t hurt. I didn’t think I could be more excited about season 3, but the clues keep coming and the excitement builds. C.C., we hope you have fun with Jason Stackhouse.


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