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    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    MY music colbo with Tiesto is coming together

    Tiesto is a international DJ who was voted 1# dj in the world. I met him last year in a meeting with my publisher, he was handsome and charming, and impassioned about working with artist out of his electronic genre. So I sent him off with a CD of my music and he said he love for me to be apart of his up coming record. So ESCAPE ME has been TIESTO ISD, your gonna start hearing C.C. SHEFFIELD in the clubs. Im sitting here listening to an advance copy of the record Kaleidoscope, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA its so gooooood. Included as guest singers are NELLY FURTADO- i remember her first single when i was in jr. high IM LIKE A BIRD I ONLY FLY AWAY. Also my favorite lezzy sisters Tegan and SARA singing an amazing song and with tiesto's production it will knock you out, so high and lite far from their indie production but their voices are so unmistakable. Also we have Calvin Harris making an appearance, there are many more.
    SO in preparation for his upcoming tour Tiesto is working with moment factory of montreal canada, to prep an interactive insane live show. SO Im flying to montreal to shoot some footage so I will APPEAR ON STAGE with tiesto singing my song. heres a video of moment factory's collberation with NIN. xo cc

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