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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    my 2nd photo show

    my first photo show was at han cholo in echo park, the opening was during fashion week 3 yrs ago no one came,  I took a break, heres another one maybe since its in soho people will see it although this show im in every photo. only 3 photos are mine and the rest are my hot hot boyfriend's taken over the last few years before we were together, after we werent together, and back together again. through the my various "journeys"shit happens. love.

    this from the blog

    Personally, I enjoy it when a little bit of the West Coast invades Soho. If ever I'm feeling a little homesick for California, I'll traipse down Spring Street and visit the Big Bear (a.k.a. American Apparel). Now, a new destination lands on Mercer Street, Quiksilver opened up mini-storefront (within its existing store) where its women's collection takes up residence in 800-square feet. QSW Mercer has its own private entrance (see photo below) and will showcase and sell Quiksilver's women's collection from dresses to knit tops, summer tee's and items and handbags co-designed by Lesa Wallace.

    The cobblestone street and cozy interiors almost gives it a reflective London pop vibe, but maybe it's the black and white prints on the walls, photographs taken by CC Sheffield exclusively for the Quiksilver woman who find herself going through various "journeys." The intimate lounge area also serves up sparkling water and champagne, now that's certainly very Soho.

    View the women's line at

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