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    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    rock singlets-SNIGLET any word that doesnt appear in the dictionary but should

    BANGDAGER (N) people who pretend to be better friends with a band than they really are. They are frequently suprised when they aren't on the guest list.
    Blogebrity (n) Person who comes to believe that because they have a marginally successful blog where they post MP3 sent by record companies with accompanying witty text that usually involves no critical observations whatsoever, they are somehow famous or important as the bands themselves.
    Echopleux(n) any band having three (or more) guitar players all playing close to the same thing.( e.g. Glenn Branca or Brain Jonetown massacre)
    Folklectic (adj) describes any music group featured on NPR's Fresh Air 
    Indemia (n) that state of being "so indie that it hurts"
    Indie-ternative(adj.) when an indie band's shameless pandering transcends thier genuine underground music status and gets their songs played on so-called "alternative" mainstream radio stations, thereby guaranteeing thier ouster from college radio altogether
    Monophony(n) extolling the virtues of vinyle recordings over digital media
    Starspackling(n) A sexually transmitted disease acquired from a touring band that stayed at your house."Man, Greg got second hand starspeckling when Interpol stayed at his girlfriend's house that first tour: he still oozes with pride over it"

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