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    Sunday, December 14, 2008


    why do i have a wonky hair on my forehead ? 

    oh ok im excited IM A FORD MODEL! YAY
    went to the Christmas party with Natalia 
    shes leaving for Italy what im going to do?


    1  shot a national network COMMERCIAL

    2 song WRITING  sessions with har mar and a producer who did the jonas brother record nice studio it was a really nice set up Im  writing with the guys from she wants revenge on monday yay

    3 days kiki stayed at her grammys house so mommy could work

    1 new agency FORD

    22 christmas gifts wrapped

    2 dj gigs la boum and bar marmont

    went to Nellie's birthday last night it was a good crowd a musician gumbo Annie from giant drag, dude from Icarus line, Robert Francis, the like ladies, and white arrows

    my public apology to jade for not seeing her play once again I'm a horrible person
    robert francis
    birthday girl say hi
    giant drag annie

    oh yea and i shot another shoe commercial friday 
    yea money for the holidaze
    and heres that addias commercial i shot 2 months ago it running right now$$$ 

    im crowd surfing yep thats me in the purple

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    Alyssa D. said...

    congrats on the Ford thang


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