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    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    christmas 2008 im the luckiest girl in the world

    on my return from las Vegas to see my Egyptian mafia sherry and cheeran. After almost dying driving in the rain, whoasy from a pain pill i took for my cramps that was wearing off and my cramps were like i was giving birth to a bloody baby, while i was driving.We were in a time crunch. Ana was in a hurry to get to Kristin's Dunst holiday party that she was DJing , and I to crawl in a fetal position and die.  I dropped off Ana got back to D's and he said your present is here . we did Christmas early cause we were going to his parents house and didnt want to bring presents. I had done well and got him a vintage watch and an awesome man bag from Steven Allen, pin hole camera, and stuff. I got some shorts, cute Japanese tights, a  isabel marant black silk shirt awesome right. but D said my present was yet to come. so in my ill condition D ushered me into his room to a sheet i ripped off exposing the most beautiful bike i have ever since straight from Amsterdam RED, special ordered shipped from Toronto, even the bike shop people who put it together for him were in awe asking D where he got it.  Im going to get the biggest bike lock and a little basket for kiki. I will travel by bike....with all the casting studios close being mid-town biking to the grove, to hollywood farmers market, traders joes etc. everywhere in the world. THANK YOU D


    Alyssa D. said...

    best present ever!

    C.C. said...

    im so happy its like a Cadillac


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