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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Holidaze collection

     this shoot was in May this year i had gotten a little plumper from recording in the Berkley studio, and Erin feeding some yummy treats all the time. but i lost it due to the stress of Internet asshole and Venice beach and sailboat time. um so we have a great new president, my best friend Lisa who is engaged her girlfriend shay is no longer allowed to be married legally in CA. due to my former religions pulling its money together and campaigning   for prop 8. MY BEST FRIEND CANNOT MARRY THE LADY SHE IS IN LOVE WITH?@#@@%$&^*&(*&(
    fuck if she can find someone she is in love with and stay together and be so in love to get engaged, more power to her. I can barely think about marriage, dudes are unpredictable. LISA works for make a wish foundation she sets up dying children with wishes, her girlfriend works a at hospital. These women live generous and beautiful lives that contribute to CA AND THE world. More than some of the spoiled rich kids of Los Angeles that just make "art" and sleep together. NO ON PROP 8 HELP I'M LOSING HOPE FOR THE WORLD LET LOVE LIVE.

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    Thanks C.C!!!
    I came to your blogspot after seeing you through You are a continual inspiration for all artists and free thinkers alike!
    Merci pour tout!!!


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