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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    more money more dumb commercials

    hip cool casual kids 

    $2000 worth of blow up toys

    the friends fountain they danced around on the universal lot

    my trailer

    josh and i were in a kieth urban video it was voted best music of the year on CMT

    our friend was the director i  used my own clothes, my apartment bldg. and then it was a huge country music video how i'm suppose to know that kieth urban is popular, i just wanted a paycheck$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    nicole simone fellow musician that makes cash from big business to make our art

    red man and method man WU-TANG CLAN LIKES CASH TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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    the fact that you make money off big business to do what you do is much of your allure.


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