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    Sunday, December 2, 2007

    Berlin is to London as Las Vegas as to L.A.

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    My friend Matthais from kobalt berlin had a huge dinner birthday party for his friend david(manager of pet shop boys). so fun eclectic mix people from london flew into berlin friday night, we ate at Grill Royal totally recommand it, the food was good. as well as the art. which included neon vaginas you can see them behind jeremy and his boyfriend in the pics, a big black freestanding penis and balls, a jaws like shark of paper mache, and a beauitful wood speed boat. Tim Noble is my favorite new friend of cowboy and mine. We discussed the merits of having a lover who does the same thing ie musician-musician, artist-artist. He is squirrelly guy, when you meet new people and you try to describe what you do he started to describe "dead white trash", i immediately knew the piece, and told him i couldnt imagine displaying my personal trash in public, i kept saying so all your girlfriend tampon boxes are in musuems. he was shocked i knew his work....i follow art. conversations were engaging, people were actually curious about each other, intelligent conversation. no mention of britney spears except for with jeremy( a musician on kobalt) and his boyfriend they were from canada, they had just moved to berlin and highly recommanded it. jeremy had a tattoo that matched cowboys his was in the same exact place and said unexploded. when corys is a countdown eerie. Berlin is to London as Las Vegas as to L.A. because its the same kind short party flight la people do to commit debauchery in Vegas. londoners are going to berlin.
    Heres some info on Tim and Sue's work
    Dead White Trash (With Gulls), 1998, one of their earliest garbage pieces, is six months' worth of peanut butter jars, soup cans, and other stuff from their kitchen rubbish can, plus a pair of dead seagulls. That it was the same six months it took to make the piece is more than a cute conceit. "As we were making it, we were eating and consuming," says Noble. On the wall, the shadow figures of the artists take a break with a cigarette and a glass of wine. Real Life Is Rubbish, a recent work, is constructed from studio trash. "All our old tools," explains Webster. "I was using a screwdriver, and it made my nose look great, so I used it. So we eventually ran out of tools."

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    Viviene said...

    hmmm- this is a neat way to put it. *note to self: must get to london to get to berlin for debauched weekend*
    OK- I did it- just linked ya on vivlish aka tarnished lady:)


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